Welcome to Technopolitica.com!

You've stubled upon the website of M. George Hansen, a place where I host my technical blog and advertise my various software projects.

About M. George Hansen

I'm a self-taught, freelance web and application programmer proficient in a variety of programming languages, paradigms and architectures. I've worked on a bunch of independant and group projects ranging from professional and small business websites to games and game engines to population simulation libraries.

Although I love authoring websites and applications I am also passionately interested in how humans understand and interact with computer systems, in particular how to design and build programable systems that "make sense" to programmers. I also support the open-source and FOSS movements and try to work on, work with and author open-source softwere whenever possible.

I do contacting work developing personal and professional websites, as well as desktop and web applications. Please contact me if you are interested in my services.

About Technopolitica.com

I developed Technopolitica.com to host a blog where I could gather my thoughts and experiences with various programming technologies, both for my personal reference and to share my expertise with other programmers in the hope that someone else can learn from my failures and successes.

In addition, I also use this site to advertise and document my various projects. My website portfolio showcases the various websites that I have designed and developed while the software page contains a listing of all of the software projects I've authored (most of which are free and open-source!).